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Insolvency or the threat of insolvency presents unique challenges and threats for individuals and companies.

Parties may be pursued by creditors or insolvency practitioners who often try to recover payments made to Directors including directors’ loans, salaries and bonuses.

Directors and others may face liability claims regarding the company’s debts, or claims of wrongful or fraudulent trading. This could result in director disqualification proceedings being issued and even a criminal investigation.

The Khan Partnership regularly acts for individuals and companies facing insolvency related issues. We work closely with insolvency practitioners in the UK and internationally to advise on formal and informal arrangements with creditors.

Our experts advise on obligations and duties to implement an effective strategy to mitigate risk, resolve disputes and secure the best outcome for our clients.

The Khan Partnership’s global links and expertise ensures we are well placed to advise on international insolvencies. Whether the insolvency involves a UK company being affected by a parent or debtor company abroad, or foreign creditors are pursing individuals and businesses in the UK, we will help protect you and your business.

We assist businesses through restructuring and formal insolvency processes. We have a proven track record of bringing recovery claims and have been effective in challenging antecedent transactions and defending related claims.

We regularly represent and advise on:

  • Administrations

  • Asset tracing and recovery

  • Bankruptcy

  • Claims against directors

  • Voluntary arrangements for individuals and companies

  • Director disqualification

  • Liquidations

  • Receiverships

  • Restructuring and refinancing

  • Winding up petitions

  • Wrongful and fraudulent trading

  • Antecedent transaction claims involving wrongful preferences, transactions at an undervalue, and transactions alleged to have defrauded creditors

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